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This has been a struggle...
But the new website is starting to come around. I will modify a lot of the original pages, but I have removed most of the tutorials and bundled them into two external websites.
You can review a lot of my ramblings, discoveries and technical articles on or
      The office camera, where I play radio and support my loyal
customers. The place is a dump!!
I am really big on SDR radio...but I don't have the kind of money some of you guys do so I have to do my fancy spectrum scope on a budget. I use an SDRplay that tracks my Yaesu knob radio. I click on the screen and the frequency changes on my radio's vfo...real neat stuff, and I have all the benefits of exceptional sensitivity and selectivity. The software DSP filters are more adjustable then the knob
radio and the AGC sensitivity is above and beyond most all requirements. Selectible front end gain meets a wide variety of conditions.